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Intel’s Vision: Wearables Everywhere In A Post-Windows World

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At its CES-opening keynote, Intel laid bare its vision for computing in the future. If Microsoft is remembered for the once quixotic goal of ‘a computer on every desk,’ Intel has taken up the mantle of ‘a computer in every thing.’

Touting new hardware, new computing chips, and operating system agnosticism, Intel talked its way through gaming, sensors, smart gadgets, and more to draw the picture of its take on what is next for the technology industry.

At the core of its view is the idea of ‘smart,’ which is to say a regular item made intelligent through a firm dose of computing power. Its catalyst for this trasmorgification is the Edison, a full computer the size of an SD card. Available in the middle of this year, the Edison runs Linux, and can bring the power of computing into a plethora of new environments.

During its keynote, Intel showed…

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February 12, 2014 at 1:59 am

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